King Kai is an example of a well bred Newfoundland.

The old saying "You get what you pay for" is never more true than in the case of purchasing a puppy. A good breeder is always working to improve his or her lines and rarely keeps more than one or two puppies out of any litter. You are able to take advantage of their study and planning in selecting your puppy.

Pet shops are the worst places to buy a puppy. These puppies come from dogs that have been bred every time the dam comes in heat in a questionable health environment. The middle man ships all of the puppies in one truck and all of their "papers" in one envelope. The guarantees are only good until you leave their store.

The papers may or may not be for the puppy you take home. Historically puppies from pet stores are NOT as healthy as one purchased from a good breeder AND the pet stores often charge more for less of a dog. No reputable breeder would sell to a pet shop or "middle man" service.

At North Fork, we strive to raise and breed the best Newfoundlands possible. Our commitment is to always better the breed. You can rest assured that your puppy has been socialized and has received the best care possible in a clean, safe environment.

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